Napa Valley Celebrations

Eileen & Lisa

WEDDING DAY: Bright and festive... for Eileen and Lisa it was all about family and fun. The newly renovated B&B served as the wedding site as well as home base to thirty five members of the immediate family, while additional friends and family gathered in nearby hotels. A colorful, kid-friendly family celebr-ation that was not stuffy was what they were looking for. With that as the direction, they let me loose to design the event. The color palette consisted of mango spice, citrus and lime green. The children's interactive play area was decorated with multi-colored streamers and hanging

paper flowers. The children played with crafts, games, and hula-hoops, while waiting to have their caricature portrait drawn. Adding a playful look to the dinner setting, we floated large flower covered balls and lined the pool with candle filled glass cylinders. To keep the soirée free flowing, food stations were chosen so that guests could dine at a leisurely pace. Relaxed and elated by the celebration a wonderful time was had by all... Photos by Anna Kilbridge.